Water management

Lakes Under Construction
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The full range of projects we offer call for different approaches from mini diggers to long reach draglines.

  • Synthetic and natural clay lined
  • Formal or natural
  • wildlife or fish stocked
  • swimming ponds

The long reach digger enables us to work on a large scale close to trees where other machinary would struggle.

Established Lake
Lush lake

This lake was part of a series of lakes and small streams that cascaded down the hill

Image 1

This waterfall was part of an extensive project to restore the grounds of a Manor house to there former glory. This beautiful water feature had been left neglected and was overgrown. During the work research uncovered that this had originally been part of carp lakes before being adapted to be used as a sheep dip in the 18th century.

Encouraging wildlife

Any amount of water will attract wildlife from small ponds, to large lakes or complexes.

Using our knowledge of natural springs and other water sources we will guide you to enable the construction of suitable habitats and environments.

Fishing lakes for business and pleasure

Lake complexes can be created for the intention of keeping fish, each lake can be constructed to be suitable for different age fish. This offers great opportunities for both leisure and commercial fishing.

Cleaning and restoring

Existing ponds and lakes will deteriorate over time due to the build up of silt. Silt occurs naturally from the breakdown of bebris such as leaves, wildlife and fish and also the import of soil from runoff or streams. If left untreated can lead to the 'shrinking' of the available water which will reduce the amount of oxygen available and may lead to future fatalities.

  • Desilting- suction, mechanical extraction
  • Bank restoration
  • Management of overhanging trees
  • Diversion & pre-storage of runoff

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