Driveways, Walls & Bridges

Gravel driveway

Our solutions can accomodate slopes, water logged, and high traffic areas. Drives can be finished in different materials to suit your requirements.

Here the photo shows a flat sweeping driveway finished in light cotswold coloured chippings.

Inexpensive solution
Gravel driveway & stone retaining walls

Gravel offers a natural, cost effective surfacing solution.


Curved retaining wall

The stone wall is highly decorative but essential to enable the driveway to be cut into the hillside.

Here grass, stonewalls  and railings are used to give 3 distinct areas of use.

Stone wall with mirror

Handcut dry stone wall with 'trompe l'oeil' to give the illusion of a view.

Constructed from local hornton stone  

Limestone bridge

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